What are these updates you speak of?


We know. "Pixie, you are not the best at updating things on a regular basis. Why should I check this place out?"


Well, we're working on that. And, now there's proof at the bottom of each page that work has been done! Scroll down now (just remember to scroll back up!). See that little line that says "Last updated on ..."? Well, we're going to try to remember to actually change the date everytime we do a major overhaul. Maybe even for some of the minor tweakages.


If you haven't noticed that the site has changed significantly, please rush out to get your eyes checked (unless you're new to our lovely site, then Welcome!). The previous design, though very pretty, was just not working for us. It was simple enough for our needs without making the place look barren, but the code just broke far too easily, and was too much of a hassle to keep it. So Pixie got to spend an entire day off work to design this bad boy.

Currently, this is going to be the design for the entire website (save for the forums). There might be some minor style changes as time progresses, and we get a bit more experimental. It depends on how this all looks, and how much time Pixie has on her hands after work. You want a cool looking site? Pray that Pixie doesn't find a boyfriend/social life! *grins*

Tweet tweet!

Hey, all. here. Just reminding people that our forums are still down. We will notify once they return to service. Thanks!