The Bosses

Who we are

Thought you'd never hear our names, did you? Poor people. Well, here we are, in all our glory.

Acrophobic Pixie

General admin, founding member, and person who makes sure that there aren't any breaks in the coding. Yup. Everything, save the quotes and articles, is typed up by yours truly. I even made the pretty shiney that is at the top of the pages and in the quote boxes.


General admin, founding member, and Pixie's task master. *grins* She's currently the youngest of the site admins, and apparently has some wicked dessert recipes.


General admin, founding member, and forum mistress. Have an issue with the forum? She knows the most about how to fix your problem.

Tweet tweet!

Hey, all. here. Just reminding people that our forums are still down. We will notify once they return to service. Thanks!