You got questions? We've got answers...

At least, we hope so. The four of us (Wolf, Rev, Giselle, and Pixie) have been around and in different situations, but we're not goddesses (unfortunately, cause that'd be cool!), and therefore not omniscient.

So here's where we will be listing popular questions involving the Swan neighborhood. Dealing with family members twoofing, what exactly does donating/swanhood mean, and the like.

We just have one question for you... What is your question? We can't have a list of frequently asked questions, when no one asks a question!

So, this is what we need you to do:

  • Think of a question.
  • Write it down.
  • Make sure it's understandable.
  • Log in to your email provider.
  • Create/compose a new email to the following address: Black Swan Haven
  • Send the email.
  • Wait for someone (most likely Pixie) to check the site email, and post the question for the other admins to mull it over.
  • See your question and our opinion to show up here!
  • Crack open the champagne (or sparkling cider for you underaged kids)!


An Announcement From Acrophobic Pixie

There have been some things that have come across my "desk" lately, and I want to quell any fears any of you might have right now, and make it so y'all feel safe coming to any of the admins.

First off, we admins have our heads squarely on our shoulders, most of the time. You can ask us questions, and no matter how stupid they may be, we'll try our best to answer them. Also, if something makes you feel uncomfortable about being a member of our forum, please tell us.

If it's another member making you uncomfortable, take screenshots, and send them with an explanation to our email address, (see below). It goes straight to my phone. Only reasons I won't respond right away will be because I'm at work (and cell phones are not allowed) or I'm asleep. You might not see a response other than "Thank you, I'm looking into it", but that's because I need to make sure all of the ducks are in line for me (or another admin) to take action.

NEVER EVER feel that you'll be reprimanded for sharing such info with us!!!

Our job is to make this a safe community, so therefore people telling us about concerns will not be punished. That would defeat the purpose, now, wouldn't it? But, there are a few things I would like for you to keep in mind.

1) Let us do our job. It might take awhile for us to get all of the information we need, review it, and determine what punishment, if any, will be given to the subject. Don't think we're not working because 24 hours later the account in question hasn't been banned.

2) Have your ducks in a row. We'll not ban/punish someone over petty bull pucky. If you don't like someone cause they have an ugly avatar, or you don't like their name, I'm sorry, but get over yourself. Instances like these will be the ONLY reason the person reporting will get a warning and/or ban. Act like adults, people.

3) If you're truly frightened, and you're afraid we aren't working hard/fast enough, and you're at your wits end, Do not post the person in question's private info. That includes their name, phone number, social media accounts outside of this forum, etc. We understand your thinking, but it just paints you in a bad light, and brings sympathy for the person in question, rather than "OMG, how could they do that? *dislike*"

Basically, come to us with problems. We're nice *girl scout honor* and we'll treat each case as it comes. Some things might take longer than others to fix, but don't think we're not trying to find a fix for it.

Tweet tweet!

Hey, all. here. Just reminding people that our forums are still down. We will notify once they return to service. Thanks!