Hey, where's the good stuff?

Wonder where the articles are? Well, we're still busy taking in your submissions, and compiling them in an order that makes sense. You wouldn't be wanting to read through how to properly and safely go through blood letting, and all of a sudden, be reading about favorite donor pasttimes, would you? Didn't think so.

So, while we're going through our collection, as it is so far, send in your articles! Opinion pieces, safety issues, and anything and everything will go here. Does the local group of vampires and donors get together for coffee and a movie? Does your local group do any charity work? Are you finding it hard to meet up in person with other's like you? Tell us about it! Don't be shy! God only knows we aren't. And who knows? Maybe your article will help someone.

There's only a few small requirements:

We'd like to know who to attribute a piece to. Please give us a name to use; either your real one, or a penname/online moniker. You think Pixie's name is really Pixie, or Heather Corus? Think again. We'll honor your privacy, but having oodles of articles by "Annonymous" is more likely to make people think we're hiding something or lying.
In addition, while we realize we're all from different paths and walks of life, we ask that there be no severely overt religious connotation in the articles, nor any religion-bashing. Someone's path contradict yours? Acknowledge it, and revel in the fact that we are not all the same, and can each shed a different light on every situation we come across. We do understand that a person's religion plays an important part of how they deal with certain situations, but please keep in mind that others might not veiw it that way.

So that's about it.

Send in your submissions! We need something to keep us busy. That, and there's the added bonus of knowing that there just might be someone who has the same outlook on being a swan as you, out there. You're not alone. Don't ever think you are. But we want to know what you think. Really.

Tweet tweet!

Hey, all. here. Just reminding people that our forums are still down. We will notify once they return to service. Thanks!